1. Choose Accommodation from the main menu.
    2. Choose Accommodation or Vessel.
    3. Click Add accomodation or New object above the grid, dependingly on the previous Accomodation or Vessels selection.
      A New object window will appear.
  1. Select Accommodation type.
  2. Choose the existing destination or enter a new one.
  3. Choose the existing supplier or enter a new one.
  4. Choose the existing department or enter a new one.
  5. Fill in all necessary data.
  6. Click OK to enter the accommodation.

Accommodation has been added to your database. Additional tabs have appeared in the accommodation editing window. Use these tabs to:

–          Define price lists
–          View the reservation statuses
–          Create supplier confirmations (individual or group)
–          Define descriptions, itineraries, photo galleries
–          Add accommodation to categories
–          Define SEO rules
–          Define capacities and availability