Simple tours are used to sell tours that can include other components from the system. The components from which FIT tour can be created are: Accommodation, Transport, Rent-a-car, Flight, Simple tour and/or Activity. It is advised to use this module if you have entered before all the components and if their price in the FIT tour does not change.

FIT tours can:

  • be limited by accommodation and/or transport availability
  • have more stages
    NOTE: It is possible to have three days in one hotel and then three days in the other hotel. The same rule is valid for other components of the tour.
  • have more than one transportation
  • have more than one activity
  • have components from different suppliers
    NOTE: It is possible to create documents per each supplier.
  • have their own descriptions, photo galleries, itineraries
  • published online and paid for directly (when available)

FIT tour cannot:

  • have their own price lists with additional services and/or discounts
  • have automatic rooming and flight/bus list defined
  • be monitored for availability
  • have manually change of prices
    NOTE: FIT tour can be booked only on request regardless of the availability of its components.
  • it is not possible for the passenger to choose not to use the predefined components