1. Edit a travel product.
  2. Choose the Price list tab.
  3. Choose the Basic services 2nd level tab if not already chosen.
  4. In the Options field find the Market drop down list and select a market that is different than Default market.
  5. Each price list row of the price list, contains 2 more lines then price list row for Default market. It contains the Rec. selling line which represents selling prices from the default market and the Commission line.
  6. Enter the commission in the Commission line to get selling prices calculated.
    NOTE: Selling line represents prices from the current market.
  7. Click OK to save the changes.
  8. After you have finished applying commissions for basic services, you need to do the same for Additional services and discounts.

NOTE: It is possible to have totally different additional services in different markets. If you want to copy existing services to a new market, click Copy from another market link.