Simple tour availability can be limited with both transportation availability and accommodation availability.

Seat availability

    1. Add new or Edit a simple tour.
    2. Choose the Price list tab.
    3. Choose the Basic services 2nd level tab.
    4. Click the Insert/Update departures button.
    5. Departure schedule window will open.
    6. Define the seat availability:
          • Enter the number of available seats in the Available seats text box if you have a limited number of seats available.
          • Check the Unlimited check box in case you do not have transportation on this simple tour, or in case your seat number is not limited.
          • Check the On request check box if you would like for your simple tour to keep selling after all the seats are taken.
            NOTE: If you sell all available seats and this box is checked, the simple tour will keep selling on request. If you sell all available seats and this box is not checked, the tour will not be available.
    7. Click OK to save.

Accommodation availability

Accommodation availability in a simple tour is defined exactly like the accommodation availability.

Availability report    

For each simple tour you can check whether it is available or not.

To check Accommodation availability:

          1. Edit a simple tour.
          2. Choose the Availability tab.
          3. Choose the desired period and click Show button.
          4. The availability report is displayed.
            NOTE: The availability will be shown only for the first day of the tour. This does not mean that a tour lasts for one day. However, as it is possible to have a tour lasting for several days and having everyday departures, only the first day of the tour is displayed.
            NOTE: If availability of the accommodation is defined, then the availability of the accommodation will be displayed. If not, the report will say Unlimited.

 To check Seats availability:

Entering simple tour stop booking

          1. Edit a simple tour.
          2. Choose the Reports tab where availability report is displayed.
          3. Locate grey Stop booking icon.
          4. When you choose it, it will turn blue and make the tour unavailable for that departure.