1. Use the Tours → Groups item from the main menu.
  2. Find the desired group.
  3. Double click a row in the grid or click the Edit icon.
  4. Go to Offer tab.
  5. Click New button.
  6. Select one or more subgroups for which you want to create the offer.
  7. Select a customer or add a new one.
  8. You can also select more languages, change document date or write a comment.
  9. Click OK to save changes.
  10. Click on PDF button to see the preview of the offer.
  11. Roll over the Email icon.
  12. Select the language of the document that you wish to attach.
  13. The Email window will appear.
  14. Click Email icon to send the offer to your customer.
  15. Enter Massage title, Recipient (it will be taken from the database if available) and add more recipients in the CC field if you need to.
  16. Enter Message body or choose email template.
  17. Click Send button to send the message.