When you sell a service that has not been entered into accommodation or price list and you send it rarely, you can add it on reservation without first adding it to the price list.

    1. Open the Create reservation item window by creating a new reservation or by editing an existing one.
    2. Choose a Customer in the General field if not already chosen.
    3. In the Services field click the Plus icon next to Services label.
    4. A new service has been added to Services field.
    5. Choose a service or add a new one by clicking on the Plus icon next to the Service drop down list.
    6. Choose Supplier if you want to create a separate voucher for this service.
    7. Enter VAT.
    8. In the Calculation field, find the service you have just entered.
    9. Add a Description if needed.
    10. Enter the selling unit price in Sell / unit text box and the net unit price in Net / unit text box.
      NOTE: You have to enter prices with VAT included, and the system will calculate the base price.
    11. Enter Quantity to get selling and net amount for that service calculated.
    12. Click OK to save changes.