Edit columns

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on August 25, 2014

In order to export the page with needed information, columns inside a page can be edited. Click Edit columns button. NOTE: Edit columns button is always located at the right side of the page footer. Edit columns in table window will appear. Included columns shows lists of all columns that can be exported. Available columns[]

Exchange rate

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on August 25, 2014

Adding new currency Choose Options → Price lists → Exchange rate. Click Add currency button above the grid. A new window will open. Choose currency you want to add from Inactive currencies drop down list. Enter Exchange rates. Click OK to save changes. NOTE: The base currency of the system has exchange rates 1. If[]

Room occupancy

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on August 26, 2014

Room occupancy configuration tool is used to define cases and rules of room occupant combinations. It can be found inside Price list tab of Accommodation, Simple tours, Activities, Transfers and Rent a car. There are two types of room capacity: static and dynamic capacity. Static capacity It is defined by only one case and one[]

E-mail templates

Posted by Anita Bojanic on August 26, 2014

Adding new e-mail templates Choose Options → Email templates. Click New email template button above the grid. A new Email template window will open. Enter Template name and Template content. NOTE: In the template content field you can insert tags such as @customerName@ that will generate customers name automatically. Click OK to save changes. Sending e-mail templates Open a reservation for editing. Find the[]

Mailchimp Integration

Posted by Filip Lukić on February 13, 2017

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is world’s leading email marketing platform which allows its users to send marketing e-mails, automated messages and targeted campaigns with detailed reports (https://mailchimp.com/). MailChimp allows its users to create e-mail campaigns and send them to created lists of subscribers. After creating a list, users are able to enter subscribers manually, upload[]

Import instructions

Posted by Filip Lukić on February 24, 2017

All import data needs to be sent in Excel files (extension xsl or xslx). We will map all data in excel to fields in Lemax. Any data that cannot be mapped to Lemax will be mapped to custom field in Lemax and communicated with you where this data will be imported to. Itravel supports importing[]

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