1. Use the Tours → Groups item from the main menu.
  2. Find the group for which you want to create subgroups.
  3. Click New button in order to add a subgroup.
    NOTE: Subgroups are used for two main purposes: for defining different departures dates or selling with different selling prices.
  1. Define the period of the subgroup you are creating.
  2. Add the name of the subgroup you are creating by using the Description text box.
  3. Define the status in Status drop down list:

Inactive – group is not available for booking
Active – group is available for booking but only for your employees
Published on web – group is available online and your subagents and end users can book it

  1. Click OK to save changes.

A subgroup has been added to your database. Additional tabs have appeared in the subgroup editing window. Use these tabs to:

–  Define calculation
–  Add reservations
–  Post payments
–  Make refunds
–  Create documents
–  Manage seat allocation
–  Manage rooming list
–  Add supplier invoices
–  Load description
–  Filter services usage