If there are special offers and discounts defined an accommodation, they will automatically be calculated in the advanced tour price list.

You can define custom selling prices and custom margins to departures where the accommodation is on special offer, or where an accommodation offers a discount.

NOTE: If you do not define these margins and new selling prices manually, the prices calculated will be the prices of the departure reduced by the special offer or discount amount on the accommodation.

To add margins or change selling prices to situations where accommodations in an advanced tours have special offers or discounts, do the following:

      1. Edit an advanced tour.
      2. Choose the Price list tab.
      3. Choose the Basic services 2nd level tab.
      4. Click the Discounts and special offers button next to a desired accommodation price list
        This will open the Discounts and Special Offers window
        NOTE: The Discount and Special Offers window contains a price list for each combination of basic service, discounts and special offers. Each of these combinations has its own price list where the selling prices and margins can be customized.
      1. Add margins to calculate the selling price.
      2. Click OK to Save

NOTE: The net prices for these special offers and discount situations are calculated by reducing the accommodation net price according to the special offer or discount provided. If you have changed something and would like to get back to the initial values, use the Get price list from hotel button. Warning: This will remove all your customizations to the Discounts and Special Offers price list.