Accommodation capacities and availability

Types of capacities

Posted by Anita Bojanic on April 30, 2014

The Lemax system supports 4 different types of accommodation unit capacities: Allotment – Allotment units can be booked directly when available and if within release period terms Fixed – Units bought in advance from a supplier which only you can book. You will have to pay for these units to your supplier whether you manage[]

Entering a release period

Posted by Anita Bojanic on April 30, 2014

Release periods for allotment units are defined on a price list schedule: Edit an existing price list schedule or create a new one. In the Price list schedule window find the Release period column. Write the number of days in the Release period text box. NOTE: If you for example enter 7 in the Release[]

Availability report

Posted by Anita Bojanic on April 30, 2014

View availability for specific accommodation Edit accommodation. Choose the Availability tab. Define view period by entering Start Date and End Date. Click Show. The availability report will be displayed. The left side of the report displays accommodation units. The right side of the report displays the availability of each unit and the number of available[]

Adding capacities

Posted by Anita Bojanic on April 30, 2014

Adding capacities is done trough the availability report. Open the availability report. On the left side of the report, find the accommodation unit you wish to add capacities to. Click it. A new window for adding capacities will appear. In the Action field select the New capacity option. Choose capacity Type. Enter the Number of[]

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