When entered, description and photos of a destination are published on your web site.

Entering description

  1. Edit a place.
  2. Choose the Description tab.
  3. Use the editor to enter place description in different languages.
  4. Click OK to save changes.

Uploading photos

The Lemax system supports unlimited number of photos. When you upload a photo, the original photo is saved and thumbnails are created. Thumbnail size is defined dynamically depending on your website’s design. When you change your website design, thumbnails will be recreated automatically.

HINT: Regardless of the fact that Lemax supports photos of any size, we do not suggest uploading photos larger than 1 MB, because of disk space saving. Photos that are greater in size may take significant time to upload.

    1. Edit a place.
    2. Choose the Photos tab.
    3. Click the New button.
      The Photos window will appear.
  1. Click the Select icon.
  2. Select one or more photos from your drive.
  3. Click Upload button to upload your photos.
    HINT: You can upload more photos at the same time by selecting more photos or using Ctrl key.