Supplier invoices are used for entering debts to a supplier.

  1. Edit a reservation.
  2. In the Documents field find the Supplier invoice label and click New.
    NOTE: This options is available depending on reservation status.
  3. The Creating document window will appear.
  4. Define parameters

Supplier – If you open the drop down list you can see list of all suppliers of reservation items that are created. This list will always show only the suppliers that have been set up on the services of reservation items. If you need to find any other supplier that isn’t in the list you can do that by clicking on the Show all suppliers check box. Enter the name of supplier you want to find.
Supplier invoice number – Second line is for entering the number of supplier invoice for your reference.
Document date – Add the date of the supplier invoice.
Due date – Add the date  when you need to make advanced payment to your supplier.
Currency – Define the currency of amounts on supplier invoice.

    1. Supplier invoice distribution

There are two tables in the Supplier invoice distribution field. The bottom table has all the reservations  and reservation services from the reservation(s) for which you have created the supplier invoice. The upper table groups services from the bottom table.

Period – It shows the travel dates.
Service – It shows the name of the service.
Quantity – It shows the number of booked service.
PAX – It shows the number of people using a service.
Total net – This column shows prices copied from the price list of the service.
Invoiced – This column shows already invoiced amount by a supplier.
Remaining – This column is the total net amount which indicates what amount do you still expect to be invoiced by your supplier. If you put some number in the Amount text box, you can see that the remaining amount is smaller.
Amount – This is a place to enter the real invoiced amount from a supplier. It can be entered manually or, if the invoiced amount for the service is the same as the one from the price list, you can click on the Accept remaining item amount button which will copy the remaining amount to the invoiced amount.
NOTE: If a supplier sends an invoice with bigger amount or you might have put too small net price in the price list, enter this bigger amount in the Amount text box.
Closed – This check box is used for closing the reservation items. Closing means that you have invoiced a full amount for the specific service by your supplier and you do not expect any more supplier invoices for that service. There is a report which gives you the information on this more precisely called Reservation items report.
NOTE: Every amount that is entered in the bottom table will reflect the amounts in the upper summarized table and vice versa.

      1. Unallocated item – If for any reason you have received a supplier invoice connected with a reservation on which you do not have that service (like for example smoke alarm fine), use Unallocated items icon.
        Note: In case you receive something like this from your supplier you can also charge it to the end customer by adding a new ad-hoc item in the reservation and creating a new invoice to the customer.
      2. Turning off distribution by services view – If you don’t have to distribute the amount from the supplier invoice on specific service, you can turn it off by removing the tick from the Supplier invoice distribution by reservation services check box. You can use this view if the amount on reservation for that supplier is equal to the amount on supplier invoice.
      3. Add reservation – You can also add the reservations to the supplier invoice creation window by clicking on Add reservation button or enter reservation number inside text box and click Add reservation with number icon.