Please check the advanced tour price list prerequisites.

The initial advanced tour price list

The initial advanced tour price list is generated from the available data, such as the departure group information, the accommodation price lists and the Net factors. It is then possible to customize the initial price list and create an advanced tour price list.

The initial price list allows you to edit prices for the advanced tour. The advanced tour can have different prices depending on the accommodation selected. For each accommodation a price list is created.
NOTE: if the advanced tour has more than one accommodation stage, then it is possible to have different prices for each accommodation combination defined when binding stages to tours.

For each price list row that exists in the linked accommodations a price list row has been created.
NOTE: If the hotel has a different price for double use and single use (two price list rows), and this hotel is linked to an advanced tour, the tour will also have a different price for double use and single use (two price list rows).

Each departure can have different prices. A column in the price list has been created for each departure in the selected departure group. Above each column you can see the Net factor for the departure. This is calculated from the departure expenses.

Each price list row consists of three price lines:

–   Selling price line
–   Net price line
–   Margin line

Initial prices have been filled. The Net price is calculated as the sum of the price of the accommodations in the periods defined by accommodation stages durations and the departure date and the Net factor.

There is a departure on 1.10. having two accommodation stages, one from day 1 to day 3, and the other one from day 3 to day 8. In accommodation stage 1 it is linked to the Hotel A and in the accommodation stage 2 it is linked to the Hotel B. It also has expenses entered and the Net factor defined.
The net price for this departure will be the sum of:

–   the price for Hotel A on dates 1.10. – 3.10.
–   the price for Hotel B on dates 3.10. – 8.10.
–   the Net factor.

The selling price is set to be the same as the net price. The margin is set to 0.

All prices in the advanced tour price lists are given per person.

Entering an advanced tour price list for basic services

    1. Edit an advanced tour.
    2. Choose the Price list tab.
      An initial price list will be displayed.
    3. Choose a departure group you wish to define the price list for.
      NOTE: You need to define the price list for all departure groups. It is necessary to do this one departure group at a time.
  1. Choose the Currency in which this price list is defined.
  2. Change the name that will be used for an accommodation combination using the Name text box. This is the name that will be displayed on the web or in the invoice when this accommodation combination is booked.
    NOTE: the initial name given is the name of the hotel and the name of the room.
  3. Change the basic service that is going to be provided when this accommodation combination is booked by using the Basic services combo box.
    NOTE: the initial basic service is taken from the first accommodation in the accommodation combination.
  4. Add margins to define selling prices.
  5. Round prices.
  6. Click OK to save.