Discounts on price list are generally used to have different prices for children, discounts for children and sometimes for discounts/prices for adults sleeping on an additional bed.

To add a discount to price list:

    1. Edit accommodation.
    2. Choose the Price list tab.
    3. Choose the Discounts 2nd level tab.
    4. In the Options field select Price list schedule or add a new one by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
    5. Select Currency.
    6. Find the Discounts field and click Add.
    7. A new discount will be added.
    8. Choose a discount in the Service drop down list or add a new one by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
      HINT: Besides discount name, two important terms that define discount are written in parentheses – (age limits of a person that will get discounts, other persons and their age limits that need to accompany the person getting the discount in order for that discount to be triggered)
    9. Set the amount type in the Amount type drop down list:

Discount percentage – values entered in price list will be considered as percentage of a basic service
Discount amount – values entered in price list will reduce basic service for entered amount
Price – Entered service will get price from values entered in price list
NOTE: Although we call this part of Lemax system “Discounts” it is possible to use it for pricing services for children, not only for adding discounts.

  1. Enter prices/discounts in the Net line and enter margins in the Margin line to get Selling prices/discounts calculated.
    NOTE: When entering discounts it is not necessary to enter negative values, Lemax system will consider all discounts as negative except when Amount type is Price when Lemax will consider value as written in price list.
  2. Click OK to save changes.