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    How to correctly submit a request

    Please read this short explanation on how to correctly submit a request to Receiving all the needed information in the initial request will greatly reduce the time needed to resolve your reported topic.

    Please ensure that we receive all of the following information:

    1. General detailed description of the problem which has happened
    2. Where did the problem happen exactly (system URL, reservation number, product name, transaction number, etc.)
    3. When did the problem happen (exact date and time) – You can send a screenshot in its original form with browser URL and date/time including all the details.
    4. List of steps taken which led to the issue which is being reported – To describe the issue better you can send multiple screenshots or make a video of all the steps to make it easier to check.
    5. Detailed description of what should have happened (what is the expected correct result) – This will also help us to investigate the issue better, when we see what is your expected result.
    6. Screenshot of the problem attached in your request (screenshot needs to show full screen – problem, address bar and date/time visible)
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