Simple tours are used to sell tours that can include both transportation and accommodation, or can include just tours or accommodation. It is also advised to use this module to enter cruises, excursions, or situations where you resell other tour operators’ products.

Simple tours can:

  • be limited by accommodation and/or transport availability
  • have automatic rooming and flight/bus list defined
  • have their own price lists with additional services and/or discounts
  • have their own descriptions, photo galleries, itineraries
  • be monitored for availability
  • published online and paid for directly (when available)

Simple tours cannot:

    • have more stages
      NOTE: It is not possible to have three days in one hotel and then three days in the other hotel. It is possible to have only one basic service for one accommodation. However, this accommodation can be defined as e.g. ‘Double room, Hotel A 3 days + Hotel B 3 days’. The price is, defined in a single place for the whole tour.
  • have more than one transportation (e.g. have two busses going. Only one transportation item is available, however, that one can have as big capacity as you need.)
  • have complex VAT calculation
    NOTE: You can have the VAT be a custom number which is not a basic VAT rate of your country. However, you cannot have a part of the service be under one VAT percentage, and another part under a different VAT rate.
  • be linked with actual hotels you sell on the side
    NOTE: Simple tours have their own availability which is not connected to the availability of an actual hotel. This means that if you sell a hotel on its own, it will not be visible in the package tour, and vice versa.
  • It is not possible for the passenger to choose not to use the predefined transportation (use his own).

NOTE: To do any of the things that simple tours cannot do, use the Advanced tours module.