To create a tour that has a regular schedule (for example, a departure leaving each 7 days), it is possible to create multiple copies of a certain departure with different dates and automatically link it to existing charter flights/ buses. More departures with same duration are called Departure group.

            1. Edit an advanced tour.
            2. Use the Departures tab.
            3. Click the Edit departure group icon next to an existing departure in the grid to edit that departure group. The Edit departure group window appears.
            4. Click the Copy departure repeatedly icon on a certain departure to create multiple copies
            5. Edit the necessary data in the Copy departures window.
              1. Date – the date of the next departure.
              2. Days between departures – number of days between two new copies.
              3. Number of copies – number of new copies to be created.
                Example: If the original departure is on 01.08. and you need to create three more departures on 08.08., 15.08. and 22.08., then the days between departures parameter is 7 (8 – 1 = 15 – 8 = 22 – 15 = 7) and the number of copies is 3 (other than the original on 01.08. three more departures are to be created).
          1. Click OK.
            New departures have been created
            NOTE: New departures have been automatically linked to existing charter flights/buses on the dates of flight/bus stages, where possible. Please double check whether these links are correct.