Defining transfers price list is the same as defining accommodation price list.

Rent a car has three specific billing types:

Charging rent a car per day: Every time customer crosses midnight, he will be charged like he was using 2 days, no matter if he was using the service less then 24 hours. When he crosses midnight, these are two dates of the calendar, so he will be charged for the both days.

Charging rent a car per night: When the customer crosses midnight, he won’t be charged for both days, because this type means that it lasts 24 hours. So he will be charged for 1 day, no metter of the midnight.

Charging rent a cat per item: This billing type can help when having a price list that is based on calculation per kilometers (kilometers are in that case items). Second example could be if you sell rent-a-cars and one customer wants to book more than one car – number of items here is number of cars for rent.