If you made a mistake when entering a payment, you need to cancel it or delete it.
Cash payments cannot be deleted, they need to be cancelled. Only non-cash payments can be deleted.

To cancel or delete a payment

  1. Choose Finances tab → Transaction list from the main menu.
  2. Use the grid filters to find the payment you wish to cancel in the payments grid.
  3. Click Cancel to open the New Transaction window.
    NOTE: To delete the payment click Cancel.
  4. In the Amount text box enter amount you wish to cancel.
    NOTE: A Payment can be cancelled fully or partially, depending how much money you need to return to the customer.
  1. Choose the Method of payment.
  2. Enter other necessary fields.
  3. Click OK to cancel the payment and to create the refund.
    NOTE: Cancelled payments are marked red on the transaction list.
Transaction Possible change
Non-cash payment Delete
Cash payment Update
Non-cash refund Delete
Cash refund Update