Use this guide to find out how can you easily search through the system database to book wanted travel products. Learn how to filter your search with various parameters, how to define required details for reservation creation of the accommodation, tour, activity or congress. Finally, you will finish your booking with creating an Inquiry, Option or Confirmed reservation.

For making a new booking you should choose ReservationsNew reservation from the main menu.

14-5-2014- How to make a booking 1

Travel products search window will appear. Here you can choose between multiple search parameters which help you narrow down the search through the database and find needed travel product.

14-5-2014- How to make a booking 2

In the Search parameters field choose the Accommodation, Tours, Transport, Activities or Congress tab depending on whether you are searching for accommodation, tours, transport, activities or congress.

Set the other parameters in Search parameters field to search by specific type of the product – if you know the exact name, if you are searching for all available products in certain period, etc. If you are searching by the destination, it is enough to write down three letters of the wanted destination (e.g. type “Lon” for London). You can also use the Advanced Search option for more search parameters.

After you define your parameters, click Search button to get the search results.

14-5-2014- How to make a booking 3

If there are available travel products which are meeting conditions you set with parameters, they will show up as search results. If there are no results, try to reduce number of parameters if possible (e.g. choose just dates of the holiday).

After search results appear, you can find extra information about available units of chosen travel product in various columns. Locate rezerviraj Book button in the last column to book wanted unit.

15-5-2014- How to make a booking 4

A Create reservation item window will appear. There are several differences in appearance of this window according to the travel product unit you have chosen to book.

Create reservation item window for Accommodation booking

Create reservation item window for Simple tour booking (packages)

Create reservation item window for Advanced tour booking

Create reservation item window for Transport booking

Create reservation item window for Activity booking

After you finish with defining needed information and other parameters, click Waiting list, Inquiry, Option or Confirmation button depending on the status you wish this reservation to have or Create template button to create template out of just defined reservation.

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