Lemax users can’t be just deleted, they must remain somewhere in the system. In case you have created a user with the wrong email it can be confusing when you create a new one with correct email. Therefore, you can create a user recycle bin.

What you need to do is create a new Partner, it can be Customer, Travel agent, Supplier or Passenger. You can do that by selecting Customers in the Partners drop down list on Lemax main menu, and then select New customer button.

How to delete users in Lemax1

You can name this customer as you find suitable, we recommend naming it RECYCLE BIN. After entering name and surname, just click OK button to save the customer.

How to delete users in Lemax2

For example, let’s say you have created a Travel agent named Lemax in your Lemax and created a user for it with email test@partner.com.

How to delete users in Lemax3

You later realized that you had entered a wrong email, the correct one is test@test.net. You need to create a user with correct email by clicking the New button. After entering Name, Surname, Email, Password and choosing the corresponding User type, you can save that user by clicking OK button.

How to delete users in Lemax4

Now you have two users with the same names and similar emails which can be confusing. Select the edit icon for the user with incorrect email in order to edit it.

How to delete users in Lemax5

Set its Name and Surname to DELETED USER and switch its Travel agent from Lemax to RECYCLE BIN.

How to delete users in Lemax6

Now you will only have the user with the correct email assigned to Lemax travel agent.

How to delete users in Lemax7

All the deleted users will be assigned to your RECYCLE BIN customer.

How to delete users in Lemax8