Fixed special offer is applied in the defined period as the fixed price replacement of the basic service price set in the price list.

To create a special offer:

    1.  Choose the Special offers from the main menu.
    2. Click the Add fixed button above the grid with special offers.
    3. The Special offers window will appear.
    4. Enter the Name of the special offer.
      NOTE: Enter this name in all languages. This name will be displayed in all your travel documents, such as the invoice as well as on your website. If you use documents in multiple languages, or have a multi lingual website, these translations will be displayed.

Fill in other parameters.

    • Reservation creation dates – period that defines when a reservation should be created to activate the special offer
    • Travel dates – you can define special pricelist schedule for defining special offer prices. They can differ from basic service accommodation pricelists.
    • Fill in Other details
  1. Click OK to save changes.
  2. New Accommodation objects area will appear in the bottom of the window.
  3. Use Select button to open Travel products search window.
  4. Select parameters in Search parameters field and click Search.
  5. Search results will appear on the right side of the window.
  6. Select accommodation or tours by checking the check box in the first column of the grid and clicking the Select button above the grid.
  7. New pricelist for the selected room will be added.
  8. Select the market for which you want to apply special offer in the Market drop down list.
    NOTE: If you want to apply special offer prices for selected hotel in another market, there should be defined accommodation price list for that market also.
  1. Set the currency.
  2. Enter wanted prices in the newly created pricelist periods.
  3. Click OK to save it.