Not available on all dates of the reservation check box

If the check box is not checked (by default it is unchecked) it means that the period when the service is available has to be covered by the reservation period, otherwise it cannot be booked. If it is checked, it will mean that service can be booked no matter it isn’t available in the entire booking period but only in one part.
NOTE: for example, there is a service – New Year’s gala dinner that is available in period from 25.12. until 01.01. If the check box isn’t checked, it will be possible to make a reservation only on days that fall under the period 25.12-01.01. If this check-box is checked, service can be booked also on days outside the period but under the condition that at least one day from the period is included. You will be able to book this service e.g. from 20.12 until 26.12.

Enabled by default check box

This option is unchecked by default, and if it is unchecked it will mean that service will be displayed on the reservation, but it won’t be automatically checked and added to the calculation. If checked, service will always be included in the calculation by default and you won’t need to check it each time, because that is done by default.
NOTE: for example, a new service of transfer is added. If we check – enabled by default, this service will be visible each time when making reservation and it will be attached to the calculation (no matter if it isn’t available in specific period or not; in that case the price will be 0).

Starting day and duration text boxes on the advanced tours

In starting day text box you write the day of the tour when additional service can start.
NOTE: for example service of a skipper will start on the second day of a tour, if writing in text box 2 that will mean that calculation will be made from the second day of travel onward.

Duration text box is aimed to restrict the duration of a service – if it is defined differently from the duration of the whole tour, calculation will be based only on the number of days here selected.
NOTE: e.g. if the tour lasts 7 days but duration is set to 5 days, it will be calculated only for 5 days.