Expenses on an advanced tour departure are defined in order for Lemax to help you calculate your net price. Based on the expenses on an advanced tour departure Lemax will calculate the Net factor for that departure and make it available in the advanced tour price list definition.

      1. Edit a departure.
      2. Choose the Fixed Expenses tab.
      3. In the grid with the expense items enter the data about the expense item
        1. Service
        2. Description
        3. Supplier
        4. Billing type
          NOTE: If payment method is Per person, the expense entered is something each person needs to cover. If payment method is Total, the expense entered is divided by the expected number of persons on the tour.
        5. Currency in which the expense is defined
        6. Quantity¸
        7. Price
          NOTE: This is Price per unit. Total cost of this expense will be Price * Quantity
        8. VAT % – Define the tax information. Tax is included in the price.
        9. Note
      4. Use the Add button on top of the grid to add as many expense items as  you need

In the Passengers box define the expected number of passengers on this departure
NOTE: The expected number of passengers is just a number that says how many passengers you expect on this departure and how many passengers you base your expense calculation on. It is in no way connected nor will it affect the availability or capacity of the tour.

  1. In the Price per person box you will see the Net factor calculated.
  2. Click OK to save.