The percentage special offer is applied to basic services, discounts and supplements and reductions.

To create a special offer:

    1. Choose the Special offers from the main menu.
    2. Click the Insert percentage button above the grid with special offers.
    3. The Special offers window will appear.
    4. Enter the Name of the special offer.
      NOTE: Enter this name in all languages. This name will be displayed in all your travel documents, such as the invoice as well as on your website. If you use documents in multiple languages, or have a multi lingual website, these translations will be displayed.
    5. Fill in other parameters.

Service group by defining or choosing some of predefined service groups, you can group your special offer into the chosen group, which can help you in filtering special offers by group later on in the grid of all special offers

Reservation creation dates – period that defines when a reservation should be made to trigger the special offer
Travel dates – period that defines which travel periods should trigger the special offer

Net price – Percentage received as a discount from your supplier
Selling price – Percentage that you wish to apply to the service

Recurring period – A period that will trigger special offer if a person stays more than
required minimum stay.
Example: If Minimum number of days is 7 and Recurring period is 1, then a
person will get special offer if staying 7,8,9,10 or more days. If Recurring
period is 7 then a person will get special offer only if staying 7,14,21,28 days
Calculate only on consecutive travel days makes special offer possible to trigger even if the total minimum stay number of days is not in one travel dates period.

    • Enabled Special offer is calculated only if needed minimum stay is within one travel dates period in which the special offer is applicable.
    • Disabled Special offer is calculated regardless of whether minimum stay is in one or two periods. This means it is possible to have the blackout days when this special offer is not valid and still be entitled to it because the only condition is to realize minimum stay in total, whether there are blackout days or not.

Example: Reservation dates are 13.1.-19.1. Minimum stay is 5 days, special offer is valid in defined travel dates from 11.1.2014.-15.1.2014. and from 16.1.2014.-31.1.2014. (Special offer is not valid for 15.1. If enabled, this special offer will not be calculated because min. stay is not within the first period. If disabled, the special offer will be applied because there are enough min. stay days in total , valid in periods which activate special offer)
Other details
Market – Choose for which of defined markets will the special offer be valid.
Minimum stay – Minimum required stay that triggers the special offer
Service can start – Allowed starting days of the service
Special offer calculation – Method of calculating prices

      • Per stay – Special offer will be calculated only for period in between travel dates of special offer
      • Per arrival – If the first day of your stay is in special offer travel dates then special offer will be valid for entire stay regardless of special offer travel dates expiry.

Calculate only on net prices – If this option is enabled special offer will be calculated only on net prices, and your customer will not see this special offer.
Never combine with other offers – If this option is disabled, the system will calculate all offers which are valid in client’s travel period, one after another. In the case of overlapping offers, the cheaper one will be calculated. If enabled, only best offer for the client will be calculated, regardless of other valid offers.
Days before travel  – Define how many days before the trip the reservation should be created to activate special offer.
Comment – Comment on special offer.

  1. Click OK to enter special offer.
  2. After entering the special offer you should also add accommodation units or tours to it.
  3. Choose the Accommodation/Tours tab.
  4. Click the Select existing button over the grid.
  5. The Travel products search window will appear
  6. Select parameters in the Search parameters field and click Search.
  7. Search results will appear on the right side of the window.
  8. Select accommodation or tours by checking the check box in the first column of the grid and clicking the Select button above the grid.
  9. The special offer is now fully defined.