1. Use the Tours → Groups item from the main menu.
  2. Find the group you want to use.
  3. Double click the row or click the Edit icon.
  4. Find the subgroup for which you also want to have possibility to sell transfer only.
  5. Click Copy button on the subgroup .
  6. Define number of copies and under Copy target choose Current group.
  7. Click Create button.
  8. Double click new subgroup you created.
  9. Go to Calculation tab.
  10. Delete accommodation costs and any other cost if wanted.
    NOTE: When creating calculation for transfer only, be careful to use only Billing type ‘per person’, otherwise the costs will not distribute correctly.
  1. Click OK to save changes.
  2. Go to Seat allocation tab.
    NOTE: You don’t have to add hotel stage because this subgroup will not be having accommodation, only transfer can be bought.
  1. Click Plus icon to add transport stage.
  2. Write the name of the transport.
  3. Write total PAX of transport.
  4. Choose subgroups where this transport is valid.
    HINT: Choose both subgroups, the one where you are selling accommodation and transfer, and this one where you are selling only transfer. With this option, you will fill out one bus and all seats will be matching.
  1. Click OK to save the changes.