Entering payments

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

The Lemax system supports entering payments in 2 different ways From within the reservation From the main menu To add a new payment from within the reservation Edit a reservation. In the Transactions field click the Payments icon. The Payments window that contains list of all the payments for this reservation will appear. Click New[]

Payment methods

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

Depending on the payment method, different documents will be created. Payment Refund Cash Payment receipt Refund receipt All other payment methods Payment confirmation Refund confirmation There are pre-set payment methods in the Lemax system and if you need the custom one, please contact the support.

Cancelling entered payments and creating refunds

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

If you made a mistake when entering a payment, you need to cancel it or delete it. Cash payments cannot be deleted, they need to be cancelled. Only non-cash payments can be deleted. To cancel or delete a payment Choose Finances tab → Transaction list from the main menu. Use the grid filters to find the[]

Cashier report

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

Choose Finances tab → Transaction list from the main menu. Choose cashier report period by entering the Transactions made after and the Transactions made before  in the above grid filters. Choose payment methods in the Payment method filter above the grid. Choose branch offices in the Branch offices filter above the grid. Choose transaction types in[]

View unpaid reservations

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

When you create the offer, pro forma invoice or invoice, you have to choose the advance payment date and the remaining payment date. When a customer makes the advance payment, the reservation is moved from the option status to the confirmed status. Statuses are used to track whether the advance payment has been made. If[]

View unpaid invoices

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 6, 2014

Choose Documents tab → Invoices from the main menu. Check the Show unpaid only check box. Click the Filter button to get only unpaid invoices displayed in the grid.

How to add Supplier Payment

Posted by danira.senjak on July 31, 2017

Supplier payments can be added through Supplier invoice. There are two ways to access Supplier invoice. By main tab Documents – Supplier invoices Supplier Invoice grid opens and payment can be entered in last column like it is shown on the picture below.       2. By going on a specific reservation and choosing[]

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