In Lemax system, the procedure of entering pricelists is always the same. Regarding entering pricelist for Simple tours, there are few specifics.

In order to enter a simple tour price list:

      1. Edit a simple tour.
      2. Choose the Price list tab.
      3. Define departures.


        • In order to define a simple tour it is necessary to define departures, instead of price list schedules in the accommodation price list.
        • If you need to specify the accommodation name, you should use the Description text area in the Basic services tab.
          You can define different accommodation units in the basic service tab for a single simple tour if the prices are different due to the different rooms for the passengers. For example, you can define it as the different room possibilities with name in the description. Then you are entering prices for the whole tour, but for each room different values (depending on the room prices).


Type Description
Double room Hotel Belvedere
Double room DELUXE, Hotel Belvedere
Double room Hotel Splendor

The other way is to enter one price if there are no different prices related to different room types, and regardless of number of rooms. So, if there is always the same price for the whole tour, and you don’t want to point the rooms out, you can define it as:

Type Description
Package (optional)
          • The billing type is always “per person”
          1. Define the prices, additional services and discounts
          2. Click OK to save