Setting up a mailbox

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on October 23, 2014

Mailbox is  a regular e-mail account where you can setup as many e-mail addresses / accounts as you want to. Entering new mailbox Choose Communication → Mailboxes from the main menu. Click the New Mailbox button. Mailbox window will appear. NOTE: All fields with * symbol are mandatory to fill. Mailbox Name: display name of[]

Sending/receiving e-mails in Lemax

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on October 23, 2014

Sending e-mail from Lemax E-mails can be sent from various places in the system. Open one reservation. Choose Communication tab. Click New conversation button. New conversation window will appear. Fill the details. or Open one reservation. Click Send e-mail icon near one document. New conversation window will appear. Click OK button to save the e-mail.[]

How does mail communication work

Posted by Goran Kovačević on November 23, 2016

Will my emails be in Lemax if I send them through Outlook? Will my emails be in Outlook if I send them through Lemax? Will I receive an email in Outlook and Lemax? Answers to that questions can be found in this article. Sending emails using mail communication module Receive email using mail communication module

Email templates

Posted by Filip Lukić on February 15, 2017

If you are using Automatic actions module that Lemax offers, you will most probably be using dynamic automatic e-mails. When system is sending automatic emails, email templates are the ones that are actually being sent. Different email templates can be sent for different events so we have to specify these events and email templates. After[]

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