1. Add new or Edit a simple tour.
  2. Choose the Price List tab.
  3. Find the Options field and click the Insert/Update departure edit button.
  4. Departure schedule window will open.
  5. Leave the Daily departures check box unchecked.
  6. Define dates of departure groups for a simple tour.
    NOTE: To add a new departure group, click the Add departure group button.
  7. Define departures by defining the date of departure and the return date using the calendar buttons or enter it manually.
    NOTE: To add a new departure in a group, click the Add new departure button.
    NOTE: If you are defining a one day departure, just enter the departure date and check the One day period check box.
  1. Define available seats for this departure or choose whether the seats of the tour will be unlimited/on request.
    HINT: You can combine defined and on request availability if you want to shift your seats to the On request status after all defined seats are taken.
  1. Click OK to save.
    NOTE: Duration and departure days of the scheduled departures created this way are determined by dates in the date boxes. There are as many departures as defined in departure groups.
    NOTE: Later on you can update all departures that are not booked.