The Lemax system supports adding additional services to places. This option can be used when there are some additional services that apply to all travel products that belong to a place, for example (tourist taxes, airport taxes, …).

If you are creating the reservation for travel products that belong to a destination that has additional services defined, you will be able to select those additional services.

To add a service on the destination:

    1. Choose Options → Travel product settings  Places from the main menu.
    2. The Destination tree will be displayed on the left side.
    3. Find the appropriate destination, right click its name and click Edit.
    4. Choose the Services tab.
    5. Select a Price list schedule or add a new one by clicking the Plus icon.
    6. Select the Currency.
    7. In the Additional services, supplements and mandatory services field click Add.
    8. A new service with the price list row will be added.
    9. Select Service from the drop down list or add a new one by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
    10. Select the Supplier from the drop down list or add a new one by clicking the Plus icon next to it.
      If you choose a specific supplier, a voucher for this supplier for this service will be created.
      If you choose the ‘Same as object’s’ option in the supplier box, this service will be added to the travel product.
      If you choose ‘Doesn’t matter’, this service will not appear on any voucher at all.
  1.  Select the Selling and Net billing type.
  2.  Choose the Amount type.
  3.  You can define age limits that this service will be applied to by entering values in Valid for ages text boxes.
    NOTE: This option is used if we have two same services with different price depending on age.
  1. Enter prices in the Net line of the price list row.
  2. Enter margins in Margin line of the price list row to calculate selling prices.
    NOTE: If you want to use the commission, check this chapter Net prices with commission.
  1. Click OK to save changes.

NOTE: Services on places are hierarchically inherited so if a service is defined in a country, all travel products that are in a destination that belongs to that country will have this service.

As all 3 levels of places can have a price list for the same service defined, price list defined for destinations has the highest priority, then the region one, then the country one.

If a price list for a service is defined specifically on the travel product, the price list from the place will be ignored.