In Lemax system, departures are grouped in Departure groups. One departure group consist of more departures that have same duration.

    1. Edit an advanced tour.
    2. Use the Departures tab.
    3. If you are adding a new departure group, click New to add a new departure group.
      If you are adding a departure to an existing departure group, click the Edit departure group icon next to any departure in that departure group.
    4. The Edit departure group window appears.
    5. Define the departure date using the date picker.
    6. Define the schedule and the duration of your departure by editing stages.
    7. Link the stages of your departure to accommodation or charter flight/bus, depending on the stage type:
  1. Use the Bind with charter flight/bus and Bind with accommodation icon to manually find the desired charter flight/bus  or accommodation
  2. If the charter flight/bus or accommodation does not exist in the database, use the New charter flight/bus button to add a new charter flight/bus or the New accommodation unit button to add a new accommodation.
  3. Use the Bind charter flight/bus automatically icon to automatically bind charter flight/bus to a stage.
    Note: this is only available when linking flight/bus stages.
  4.   Use the Remove icon to remove an accommodation or charter flight/bus from a stage.
  1. Close the Edit departure group window.