It is necessary to define the charter flight/bus you have on your advanced tours, so you can monitor charter flight/bus availability or create flight/bus lists.

Entering a single charter flight/bus

  1. Edit an advanced tour.
  2. Choose the Departures tab.
  3. Click the Edit departure group button next to a departure
  4. Click the New charter flight/bus button.
    A New object window will appear.
  5. Select the destination for the charter flight/bus or enter a new one.
    NOTE: The destination of the charter flight/bus should be the same as the destination of the advanced tour it is going to be used in. If this is not the case, it will not be possible to automatically bind charter flight/bus to a flight/bus stage.
  6. Select the supplier or enter a new one.
  7. Select the department or enter a new one.
  8. Enter the name of the charter flight/bus
    HINT: In the name field use just the name (for example: ‘Bus 1, London – Paris’). In all places this charter flight/bus name is used, it will be displayed with the Date parameter and the Departure/Return parameter. So, if you enter the name ‘Bus 1, London – Paris’, it will be displayed in all your grids, reports and views as ‘Bus1, London – Paris, 23.09.2011, Departure’.
  9. Choose the date of the charter flight/bus
  10. Using the Departure and Return check boxes select whether this is a departure or return charter flight/bus for the desired advanced tour.
  11. Enter the mark of the charter flight/bus (like a flight number or a bus licence plate)
  12. Enter the infant age.
    NOTE: Infant age is used to determine child as a passenger who will not take available seat.
  13. Enter the capacity of this charter flight/bus.
  14. Click OK to save.
    NOTE: Use the Category tab to group the charter flight/bus.
    This is used for easier analysis of the charter flight/bus late      r. For example, you can use the New button to create a new category called ‘Moscow’. When creating all your flights to Moscow in one or more advanced tours, you can add them to this category. Then, when you are viewing all your charter flights/buses late on, you can filter them per category and see all your flights to Moscow.

Entering multiple charter flights/buses in one step

  1. Define all parameters as you would when entering a single charter flight/bus.
  2. Set the Copy charter flight/bus parameters:
    1. Days between charter flights/buses – the number of days between charter flight/buses. If you have charter flight/bus each 7 days, then the number of days between charter flights/buses is 7.
    2. Number of copies – the number of charter flights/buses to be generated not including the original

    NOTE: If you want to have charter flights/buses leaving on 01.08., 08.08. and 15.08. then you create the original flight on 01.08., select the number of days between departures to be 7 (8 – 1 = 15 – 8 = 7), and select the number of copies to be 2 (the original charter flight/bus on 01.08. plus two more copies).

  3. Click OK to enter multiple charter flights/buses in one step.