If you are selling more travel products or services to the same customer it is not necessary to create more reservations, you can add more reservation items to the same reservation.

You can then create an offer or an invoice that includes all the travel products and services.

    1. Open the Create reservation item window by creating a new reservation or editing an existing one.
    2. In the Reservation details window click New item button above the grid with the reservation items to add a new travel product to the existing reservation.
      NOTE: You can also add a reservation item for a travel product that is not in the system by clicking Add ad-hoc item above the grid or add items from template by clicking Add items from template button.
      HINT: If you want to add new reservation item/ad-hoc item with same passengers as on the existing reservation item, click the Plus/Plus A icon in the reservation items grid.
    3. In the Search parameters field choose the Accommodation, Tours, Transport or         Activities tab depending on whether you are searching for accommodation, tours, transport  or activities.
    4. Set the other parameters in the Search parameters and the Advanced search field.
  1. Click Search.
  2. Find appropriate accommodation, tours, transport or activity in search results and click  the Book button.
  3. A Create reservation item window will appear.
  4. Enter parameters and click OK to add a new reservation item.
  5. You will be back at the Reservation details window where you can add more items by repeating steps from 2 – 8.

 HINT: If you wish to add more reservation items that are mostly the same or just have different passengers, it is advisable to use Reservation item copy icon which also gives you copying passengers option.