Let’s say that you are working with a hotel that allows pets, pets are charged additionally, but are not allowed in some rooms.
As additional services in Lemax are defined on Accommodation object, not on Accommodation unit, you have to disable “Pets” service on some accommodation units.

  1. Edit accommodation or a tour
  2. Click Price list tab
  3. Click Additional services 2nd level tab
  4. In the Options field select Price list schedule or add a new one by clicking the Plus button next to it
  5. Select Currency
  6. Find Additional services field and click Add
  7. New additional service with 1 price list row will be added
  8. Choose “Pets” in Service drop down list or add it by clicking the Plus button next to it, if not listed
  9. Choose accommodation units that this service applies to in Is valid for drop down list
  10. Enter net prices and margins to calculate selling prices
  11. Click OK to save changes

HINT: Same way, you can define different prices for additional service in different accommodation units, but remember you have to use 2 different services, because adding same service twice on a price list is not allowed.