If you want to apply two or more overlapping percentage Special offers in the same time, you are supposed to connect them in the Special offers groups. Otherwise, overlapping offers will be combined according to the
Never combine with other offers
option in a way that only cheaper one can be applied in some travel period.

  1. Choose the Special offers from the main menu.
  2. Click the Insert percentage button above the grid with special offers.
  3. The Special offers window will appear.
  4. Create a percentage Special offer.
  5. Choose Accommodation/tours tab to add accommodation or tours to the special offer.
  6. Click Select existing button over the grid.
  7. The Travel product search window will appear.
  8. Choose Accommodation or Tours tab depending whether you want to search for tours or for accommodation.
  9. Select parameters in Search parameters field and click Search.
  10. Search results will appear on the right side of the window.
  11. Select accommodation or tours by checking the check box in the first column of the grid and clicking the Select button above the grid.
  12. The special offer is now fully defined.
  13. Choose Special offers groups tab in the Special offers window.
  14. Click New button above the grid.
  15. Connect special offers window will appear.
  16. Name the group of special offers you are connecting in the Group name text field.
  17. Click Add button above the grid to add another special offer to the existing one.
  18. Connect special offer window will appear.
  19. Select special offer by checking the check box in the first column of the grid and clicking the Add below the grid.
  20. Add another special offer in the same way if you want to calculate more than two in the same time in case of overlapping special offers.
  21. Click OK to save Special offers group.