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How to add Supplier Payment

Posted by danira.senjak on July 31, 2017

Supplier payments can be added through Supplier invoice. There are two ways to access Supplier invoice. By main tab Documents – Supplier invoices Supplier Invoice grid opens and payment can be entered in last column like it is shown on the picture below.       2. By going on a specific reservation and choosing[]

How to add a supplier FOC to an ad hoc accommodation

Posted by bruno.ilisevic on July 12, 2017

When entering a calculation for a subgroup there is a choice to add a service from the system or to add an ad-hoc service. If you are adding accommodation from the system and the supplier is providing FOC (free of charge) passengers, the calculation will get that FOC from the accommodation and calculate it into[]

How to enter an Activity

Posted by Filip Lukić on January 3, 2017

Activity module in Lemax is used to map travel products which last for 1 day. Some examples are: One day tours (city walk) Cooking classes Museum tickets Meals … Adding an Activity in Lemax Here is a list of all activities available in the system:   If you want to add a new activity click[]

Sharing allotments

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on October 27, 2016

Connect the allotments from multiple units Click on the Availability tab Click on the allotment you wish to connect Select “Connect with other allotments” option       4. Select one of the eligible allotments from the drop down list and enter a name for that allotment group   Important: Only allotments from the units on[]

How to manage users

Posted by Ana Mažar on September 8, 2015

Use this guide to manage users inside your company. Learn how to add new users, activate and deactivate users or change their passwords. Adding new users If your User role enables this security setup (only Administrator user role), you will be able to add users (as long as you do not step over the purchased[]

Manual for using the subagent booking system

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 31, 2014

Login information To access the Subagent Booking area, please visit the following URL: Log in with the username (e-mail) and the password provided by your partner. NOTE: Instead of demo in the url address there would be name of the agency who is providing you with the account. Creating a new reservation Choose Search[]

How to enter a Rent a car

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 10, 2014

Use this guide to understand how to add a new Rent a car unit in the database. Learn how to add price list schedule and define prices. Entering general information To add a new transfer, choose Transport → Rent a car from the main menu. The Rent a car grid has opened, where you can[]

How to enter a Transfer

Posted by Ana Mažar on July 7, 2014

Use this guide to understand how to add a new Transfer unit in the database. Learn how to add price list schedule and define prices. Entering general information To add a new transfer, choose Transport → Transfers from the main menu. The Transfers grid has opened, where you can find every transfer unit which is loaded in the system. To add a new transfer,[]

How to enter a FIT tour

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 7, 2014

Use this guide to find out how you can enter a tour consisted out of more components and determine stages of the tour, defined as entering accommodation, transport, rent-a-car, flight, simple tour and/or activity.  Set the departures of the tour easily by entering everyday departures or scheduled departures. In this guide, we will create one[]

How to enter a Group and make a booking

Posted by Ana Mažar on June 30, 2014

Use this guide to find out how to create and organize a group in Lemax. When creating a group, you can define different group prices depending upon the group size including all the passengers and free of charge passengers.  You will learn how to make a group calculation by adding travel products from the database or ad hoc[]

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