If you wish to have user friendly URLs such as www.yourwebsite.com/Objects/MyHotel.aspx instead of www.yourwebiste.com/Accommodation/Details.aspx?languageID=en&objectID=279 you can do the following:

  1.  Edit accommodation, a simple tour or an advanced tour.
  2. Choose the SEO tab.
  3. Choose the URL tab.
  4. Enter the URL in all languages that you are going to use on your website.
    NOTE: If you are using standard templates, the URL must start with “/” and end with “.aspx”.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

NOTE: If you are planning to use more than 1 language we suggest adding URLs in following way

  • English – /en/MyHotel.aspx, to get www.yourwebsite.com/Objects/en/MyHotel.aspx
  • German – /de/MyHotel.aspx, to get www.yourwebsite.com/Objects/de/MyHotel.aspx
  • Czech – /cz/MyHotel.aspx, to get www.yourwebsite.com/Objects/cz/MyHotel.aspx