Google Maps – new policy

Posted by Kristina Hušnjak on October 16, 2018

Dear Lemax customers, Google Maps changed their policy and began enforcing the use of API keys, effective June 11, 2018. Keyless usage will result in a degraded experience, or an error. To use maps on[...]

Multiple Lemax system upgrades

Posted by Toni Petrović on August 6, 2018

Dear Partners, Latest Lemax release brings you multiple new features from 7th of August 2018. Added margin deviation to the financial reports. Apply changes on multiple similar subgroups Change reserv[...]

Credit card fee on back office transactions

Posted by bruno.ilisevic on March 19, 2018

What’s new? Credit card fee is automatically calculated on back office payments. Benefits? Previously, you had to manually calculate and enter payment amount with credit card fee into Amount fi[...]

Service selection on Price list

Posted by bruno.ilisevic on January 16, 2018

What’s new? You can now choose which services you want to see when viewing a price list. Only one service is displayed on the Price list by default. You can replace it with another one or others c[...]

Loading time upgrade for partners and passengers

Posted by Toni Petrović on January 16, 2018

What’s new? Loading time upgrade for opening (editing) partners (customers, travel agents, suppliers) and passengers. Benefits? This upgrade will reduce loading time needed to open (edit) partne[...]

Search Box

Posted by Toni Petrović on December 5, 2017

What’s new?  Search box is added to Lemax. You will be able to search for all reservations, partners and passengers inside Lemax with help of Search Box. Benefits? This modification will allow [...]

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