What’s new? Loading time upgrade for opening (editing) partners (customers, travel agents, suppliers) and passengers.

Benefits? This upgrade will reduce loading time needed to open (edit) partners and passengers and will make working with partners and passengers much more friendly. Up to now Lemax would load all data from all tabs when opening (editing) even if you did not have the need for all that data. Now when you open (edit) partners and passengers it will load only data from the tab you clicked on (load on demand).

How? Go to Partners > Customers, Travel agents, Suppliers or Passengers.

For this example, we will go to Partners > Customers and we will edit(open) one of our customers.

2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 1

Now when you click on „Edit“ button you will have to wait significantly shorter to open this customer. This upgrade will optimize time for opening partners and passengers which have a lot of data stored in them.
2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 2
Before this upgrade you could have entered some new data about this partner and than switch between tabs (General, Markets, Users and Custom fields) without losing newly entered data even if you did not save it first. That is the only side effect of this upgrade as you will now have to save each change, update or data entry before you switch to another tab. Also saving a partner or passenger won’t automatically close the window. You have to close it explicitly by using the X icon in the top right corner. For this example we will enter a Birth date.
2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 3

But now when you switch from tab General to any other (Markets, Users or Custom fields) and go back to the tab General our Birth date field will be blank. This is because we did not save it first.
2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 4

For second example we will enter some data on Custom field tab. We will enter data in E-mail 2 and Client type fields.
2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 15

Now when we switch to other tab and go back to the Custom field tab all our data will be empty because we did not save before switching to another tab.

2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 16

This loading time upgrade works on the principle Load on demand and before you switch between tabs you should save your changes first in order to keep them (click on the Ok button). This is applied for all partners and all passengers.

2017-12-19 - Loading time upgrade 17