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Itinerary – Get product description

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on January 31, 2017

What’s new?  Get product description is the new option in the system that will help you to pull the previously uploaded description from the product directly to the itinerary. Benefits? This f[...]

Cancellation policy

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on December 6, 2016

Adding Cancellation contracts To add a Cancellation contract, choose the product where you want the Cancellation policy to be entered, then go to the Cancellation tab and choose the Policies 2nd l[...]

Cancellation policy module

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on December 5, 2016

What’s new?  Cancellation policy is the new module available in Lemax system. Benefits? This module will help you to calculate and charge cancellation fees automatically if your customers cance[...]

Can I search for more than one room?

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on December 1, 2016

Travel product search In the Travel product search, there is a Room configuration field. This part of the search refers to third party suppliers and if your Lemax system is not connected to any of the[...]

Customer contingents

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on November 17, 2016

Assign a contingent to a customer Just like we can assign different markets to a customer, with this feature we can assign different Contingents to a customer.   Every customer gets a Default conting[...]

Sharing allotments

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on October 27, 2016

Connect the allotments from multiple units Click on the Availability tab Click on the allotment you wish to connect Select “Connect with other allotments” option       4. Select one of the elig[...]

Multiple destinations on Groups

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on September 12, 2016

What’s new? In order to improve the system, we have added a new functionality on Groups. This new functionality allows you to enter more than one Destination on a Group. Benefits? The possibilit[...]

Why the Excel export doesn’t work?

Posted by Josipa Štrkalj on August 19, 2016

Opening the document After opening the file in Microsoft Excel, the window will appear. If you wish to view or edit the file, click on ‘Yes’.     The window is not popping up If[...]

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