Reservation statuses and documents

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

Depending on reservation status, different document types are available for creation Inquiry Option Confirmed Canceled Unrealized Finished On hold Offer + + + + Supplier confirmation + + + + Pro forma invoice + + + Invoice + + Voucher + + Contract + + Supplier invoice + + + Specification + + Itinerary +[]

Document currency

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

If the reservation’s currency is the same as the default currency of your Lemax system, then all the documents that include financial data will have the same currency. If the reservation’s currency is different than the default currency, documents created will have currency depending on the language: Document created in the default language will have[]

Document numbering

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

All the documents in the system have their number displayed as prefix ordinal/year prefix – document’s prefix depending on the type ordinal – ordinal of the document within the same document type year – a year of the document creation The ordinal depends on the document type and every document type has its own counter.[]

Emailing documents

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

In order to email a document: Choose Documents from the main menu. Choose the document type you wish to view. Use grid filters to find the appropriate document. Roll over the Email icon. Select the language of the document that you wish to attach. The Email window will appear. Enter Subject, Recipient (it will be[]

Recreating documents

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

When you change a reservation, you have to recreate documents and click Create again in order to apply the changes: Edit a reservation. Find the Documents field and click Create next to the document you wish to recreate. The Creating document window will appear. Fill in the parameters. Click Create to recreate the document. NOTE:[]

Recreating voucher and supplier confirmation

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

A voucher and a supplier confirmation have a specific way of recreating. As number of voucher and supplier confirmation vary depending on number of different accommodation and suppliers on a reservation there can be a problem when the number of documents that are to be created is less than the number of previously created documents.[]

Bank accounts on documents

Posted by Anita Bojanic on May 2, 2014

You can define multiple bank accounts in the Lemax system in order to use them when creating financial documents. Add a new bank account Choose Options → Settings → Bank accounts from the main menu. Click the Add button above the table with bank accounts. The New bank account window will appear. Enter the necessary fields. Bank account[]

Adding custom fields on documents

Posted by Anita Bojanic on July 28, 2014

By adding custom fields on documents you can filter them by more parameters that are custom made. You will be able to define your own search parameters and find documents much easier. When putting a value in custom field, it will be shown on the document by itself. Open a reservation for editing. In the[]

Entering supplier invoice

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 29, 2014

Supplier invoices are used for entering debts to a supplier. Edit a reservation. In the Documents field find the Supplier invoice label and click New. NOTE: This options is available depending on reservation status. The Creating document window will appear. Define parameters Supplier – If you open the drop down list you can see list[]

Credit and Debit note documents

Posted by Filip Lukić on January 3, 2017

Credit and Debit notes are two accounting documents which serve to correct invoices if a client needs to pay different amount than invoiced. Instead of creating a new invoice, you can create credit or debit note which will only show the amount which differs from the one which was invoiced. By sending these documents to your clients you[]

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