Selecting customers is now easier

Posted by Mateja Zbodulja on July 18, 2012

How? Now you can easily find a customer or any partner when making a reservation. You just simply enter the first three letters of the customers name or surname, and the system will automatically offer you the customers that meet your selection.   Benefits? It’s quick and saves you time!  

New documents available

Posted by Mateja Zbodulja on February 25, 2013

What’s new? Two supplier documents added to the system.   How? You can create Supplier inquiry and Supplier confirmation right from the Lemax software. This documents can be made in the same way as all other documents.   Benefits? From now on, you have the option of creating supplier documents right from the Lemax. You[]

Internal notifications on the Dashboard

Posted by Mateja Zbodulja on March 25, 2013

What’s new? Now every employee can add information on the Dashboard.   How? This option gives you to enter internal information that can only employees see when they log in into the system.   Benefits? It is very useful if the company is working in double shifts and different employees are working on the same[]

New Preview button on documents

Posted by Mateja Zbodulja on July 1, 2013

What’s new? New Preview button is now added when creating documents. When you click this button, the system will open a document in a language that the agency uses.   Benefits? From now on you can see how will the documents look like when they are made. So, you can see the look of the[]

Preview of the persons showing on the vouchers

Posted by Mateja Zbodulja on July 18, 2013

What’s new? Selectable print modes for person showing on the voucher.   How? You are now able to choose whether to show the exact persons on the voucher, or to show only the number of people using the service, or you can select to show both. This option can be selected when creating vouchers and[]

Create a coupon

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 21, 2014

Coupon codes are used if you want to give some special price to the customer that has the code you have predefined in Lemax. It can be applied through online booking or through back office, depending on whether your customer makes an online booking or not. To create a coupon code: Use the Options →[]

How to give your partners access to B2B Online Booking

Posted by Mateja Bogdan on July 30, 2014

Use this guide to find out how to give your partners access to online booking in order to search and book your products and to download documents that you have created for their reservations. Prerequisites The only prerequisite is to have travel products already loaded in the database so that we can change their price[]

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