What’s new?  Due to the system’s improvements, for our clients that work with the 3rd party suppliers we send an automatic email in case of an error in the booking or the cancellation of services.

Benefits?  This improvement helps you to know what was happening  in the event of an error occurred with the 3rd party suppliers and an “Error notification for reservation #reservation number” email is sent.

How?   If a communication error between 3rd party supplier and Lemax system occurred when making a booking (either on the website or B2B or from the back office), the automatic error email will help you to be immediately aware that this reservation needs to be checked in the 3rd party supplier system.

Here is the example of the automatic error email with the unique reservation number:

2015-11-24 - Error notification for reservation 3775

You can send us the list of e-mails for which you want to receive “Error notification for reservation number” mail.

Also, the error email will be automatically sent to support@lemax.net.

For the back office, it can be defined which users should be excluded.

For the B2B users, the error email is by default not enabled but on your request it can be allowed/enabled.