What’s new? We have added a Start date column inside the activities search screen for the 3rd party suppliers. Until now, the search results have displayed all activities available only on the first defined date in the search parameters. From now on, you can find all activities available at any time between the first and last defined date. 

Benefits? Instead of making a separate search for each date, you can find all available activities for some period under the same search results.

How? Make a search of activities with 3rd party suppliers. Don’t forget to define destination. Click on the Start date drop down list and you will find more dates to choose.

Some activities are not available on all days and you will find less dates in the drop down list. Choose one date from the drop down and click on the Book button. You will find the chosen date in the Create reservation screen.

2015-9-30- Start Date drop down for the activity search with 3rd party suppliers 2

If you click on the Add to cart button, you will find the chosen date as well.