What’s new? Search and replace option is added to Change custom field values Group action. This option can be used with custom field types Text box or Text area.

Benefits? This feature enables quick change of all custom field values which contain the specified value. You can enter the value you wish to modify and replace all selected entries’ custom fields containing that value with another one.

How? When using a grid view, you can select a group of entries and apply the group action Change custom field values.

2017-27-06 - Search and replace on custom fields1

When you select Text box or Text area custom field type, you will see Search and replace check box. When selected, you will be asked to enter the value which you want to search for and the value you want to replace it with. Click on the OK button to process the change.

2017-27-06 - Search and replace on custom fields2

The result of this action is displayed on the image below.

2017-27-06 - Search and replace on custom fields3

You can do Search and replace action for custom fields in multiple languages. By clicking the More languages… button below the text box or text area you can search and replace values for different languages.

2017-27-06 - Search and replace on custom fields4