What’s new? We have changed tab functionality in the reservation window. From now on, each tab is loaded only when chosen. This means that you need to save each change on active tab before going to another, in order to remember changes. The appearance of the tabs is still the same, but by adding this functionality reservation window opens faster.

How? Make a new reservation by going to Reservations → New reservation, or find the existing one in the list of your reservations. Open one reservation in order to get Reservation details window.

2014-08-11-Reservation detail window changes1

Try to make any change, for example put in a Description field some remark (Reservation description) and move on to another tab without saving it.

2014-08-11-Reservation detail window changes2

When going back to general tab you will see that Description field is empty.

2014-08-11-Reservation detail window changes3

The same will happen if you make any change on the reservation without saving it because save button saves only opened tab, not all tabs.