What’s new? We have added a new functionality in our system on a rent-a-car transfer. From now on you will be able to choose a new billing type – per item.

Benefits? Possibility to make a pricelist where you will select billing type – per item. That can help when having a pricelist that is based on calculation per kilometers. Second example could be if you sell rent-a-cars and one customer wants to book more than one. By adding this feature explained cases are covered.

How? This modification will be explained on the examples.

1. example – Let’s assume we are selling rent-a-cars and giving the price to our clients that depends on number of kilometers they will pass.

In the Pricelist you should write price per kilometer and select billing type – per item.


When making a reservation, under services tab you will see a field where you can select (with arrows) wanted number or write it manually. In that case that would be a number of kilometers your passengers have passed and the price will be multiplied with number of kilometers as shown below.


2. example – If you sell rent-a-cars and you need on one reservation more rent-a-cars (because one customer wants to book a few of them).

You should put in the Pricelist price per car and select billing type – per item.


When you go to book it, in the field number of item you should put how many cars he wants to rent. The final calculation will contain the price that is multiplied with number of cars.