What’s new? We have added a new calculation option on transfers – you can now charge your clients for using transfer after midnight so they have to pay extra day for that.

Benefits? This billing type existed before only on Rent-a-cars, now it is offered on Transfers as well. Main difference between per night and per day billing type is that if customers crosses midnight, if you select per night they won’t be charged for both days unlike per day billing type. If customers cross midnight in that case, they will be charged for 2 days, no matter if they were using service less than 24 hours.

How to? From the main tab menu choose Transport → Transfers and pick one. When opening Price list tab of a Basic services you will find here new billing type Per day. Go to Book button to see the calculation.

2015-02-17-Per day billing type on transfers1Enter pick up and drop off dates (I will enter 2 nights in total) with timing. You will see that if choosing return time after midnight, system will base calculation on three days instead of two.

2015-02-17-Per day billing type on transfers3

Let us compare billing type per day and per night. If we select per night as billing type, price will be lower because system will base calculation on two days (not three as in previous case).

2015-02-17-Per day billing type on transfers2