What’s new? Before introducing this change, when partners came to their login page, and had no login data, clicking the registration button had them stored in the database as customers. From now on they will be able to choose whether they are a customer, a supplier or a travel agent and this is how they will be stored in the database.

Benefits? Due to the change that we made, you will now be able to follow your partners that need system access by their Partnership type and change their user type accordingly.

How? Try to register as your partner by going to your partner login site (Lemax/partner/Default.aspx) and choose Registration button.

2015-01-12-Partnership type during registration1

In the Company info field you will find the Partnership type drop down list. Let’s choose travel agent, fill other information and save it.

2015-01-12-Partnership type during registration2

When logging in as an admin, you will find the new partner in the list of travel agents. So, go to Partners → Travel agents and find the new one under the name you entered previously.

2015-01-12-Partnership type during registration3

Enter the travel agent and Switch from General tab to Users tab, find the one you entered and you will see an icon (under Other details) that denotes the User type as passenger.

2015-01-12-Partnership type during registration5

If you want to allow your newly registered travel agent to do some actions, select a different user type depending on what you want to grant him.